BD Art GREEN MIRROR comply with PN-EN 1036-1 norm and IOS-MAT 0088 of IKEA.

To ensure the highest quality and both aesthetic and functional features of the mirrors we control the process technological parameters in a continuous manner using modern measuring equipment and industrial control computers.

We have a modern laboratory in which we carry out the whole range of properties of the finished mirror. The full set of tests is performed on each production shift for each 8-hour batch of products.

In particular there are included:

  • measurement of the amount of applied silver,
  • measurement of the amount and thickness of the paint finish,
  • measurement of adhesion of the paint finish - CROSS CUT TEST,
  • measurement of varnish coating hardness PERSOZ pendulum, (PERSOZ hardness tester),
  • corrosion resistance test - CASS TEST,
  • corrosion test - Condensation Water Test in constant atmosphere (HIGH HUMIDITY TEST).

To expand the scope of testing, certification of compliance with standards and verification of our results, we examine our mirrors periodically in certified external laboratories:

  • ITTC Shanghai,
  • Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials in Krakow.

These laboratories also measure for us the content of lead and the light reflectance value.