Currently we offer thickness of 3mm and 4mm with clear base glass (clear).

3mm 2250x3210
4mm 2250x3210
  • Better protection through the use of additional mirror UV varnish - a mirror is more resistant to scratches, corrosion and cleaning agents).
  • Mirrors are extremely ease of processing - no paint chips.
  • It has excellent parameters contributing to durability.
  • Wide range of mirror usage framed mirror or without frames, walls covering, furniture components.
  • Edge treatment (bevel cutting, chamfering), there is also a possibility to format to the ordered size.
  • Possibility to provide SAFE film.
  • Much of compatible adhesives oxime silicones, alkoxy silicones, MS polymers -based silicone as well as adhesive tapes.
  • It has excellent parameters contributing to durability - SAFE film protection.